The Gallery Calendars

During its operation, and with the cooperation of established artists, the Christos and Sophia Moschandreou Gallery of Contemporary Art in Aitoloakarnania published a series of annual calendars, which displayed works of art from its collections. This activity forms part of the Gallery’s broader objective which is to promote and communicate contemporary Greek artistic creation to the public.



The Moschandreou Gallery has created a collection of postcards inspired by the works of art in its collections, and which have been made available to the public. The postcards display renderings of contemporary works as well as works by older Greek artists, which have acquired a symbolic character and have become milestones for the Gallery.



Alekos Fassianos designed original bookmarks for Moschandreou Gallery.


The Moschandreou Gallery collaborated with OTE and issued a series of collectible phonecards with works from the collection.



The Moschandreou Gallery created souvenirs inspired by the artworks of the Gallery's collections.